We are so glad you are taking the time to check out what Haystax can offer you. At Haystax, we believe you work hard for your money and no one should be holding you back from financial success. 

This tool is in no way meant to solicit business from those bound to a current industry contract but rather a simple tool to see what is currently available from Haystax. 

Brokerage Analysis

Please enter a number from 0 to 100.
Percentage you pay to corporate on gross revenue.
Total monthly amount paid to corporate as a flat head fee or brokerage fee.
Total monthly amount paid to corporate for all agents.
Total monthly amount paid to corporate for use of a CRM.
Total monthly amount paid to corporate for any other fees.
How many Licensed Agents in your brokerage
How many unlicensed personnel you have that require email address etc.

Total MONTHLY obligation to Haystax Financial.
Total ANNUAL obligation to Haystax Financial.
This is how much you would be saving ANNUALLY by switching to Haystax!
This is the percentage of ANNUAL savings by switching to Haystax!

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*This tool is not meant in any ways a binding contract between Haystax and anyone who uses it. This is simply an example of what you may see from a partnership with Haystax.

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